After getting to know my new friends a little bit, the day had grown long and it was time for bed. I settled down  in my room and tried to fall asleep. Sadly sleep would not find me. I kept thinking of where my journals could be, would they be taken care of by their new owner? Would they be read on a regular basis? Or would they be used as kindling? Or cast aside to rot away, never to share their stories? While tossing and turning, I heard a knock on the door. Rainer had come knocking. He had found my satchel! My notes were home! Truly Uzeumaar had guided that man to help one of his clerics in need. Whether Rainer knows this or not, he has made a lifelong ally in me. One, who is so noble and kind, he will surely have many wonderful stories, and I will be there to write them down.

The next day, I gathered with my new friends and we got ready to go find ourselves a scorpion. While talking amongst ourselves, I heard the strangest news. Apparently someone had left a bag of burning fish on the temple steps. No damage to the temple, just some harmless prank. Strange, but I would like to talk to the individual who committed the act and ask them why in the world they would do such an odd thing.

Well, after some minor planning, we set off southward. Along our way Asar, Arden, Altan, and I tested out our magic abilities, apparently I am not the only one new to their powers. Arden seems to understand his powers the most, it seems he has put many years of research into learning what he knows. Asar says that she is a cleric of Juanabbi, which is possible, however, I have never known a cleric to cast that ‘ray of frost’ ability of hers. I have known a few dwarven clerics and, well, I traveled with Malaika, a Cleric of Juanabbi. She also does not know how to say Juanabbi’s name, she pronounces it “joon-na-na-bee” or something of that sort. It is pronounced “ju-uh-nob-ee”. This makes me suspect her claim as a cleric, but she seems to mean well. Then there is Altan, he has an obviously magical mark. He claims he does not know where it came from. He has offered no explanation of where his powers come from, granted, I have not asked. He does not seem to be the studious sort, nor does he seem to be the religious sort. He could be a druid, I knew a few from a lizardfolk tribe back in the Mwansibe jungle. I have also heard of sorcerers, born with mighty magical abilities. Those are some of my favorite stories to read, the rise of a sorcerer, who is scorned for their power, but grows strong and saves the world! I have also come across warlocks in my reading, often depicted as nefarious individuals. Though, I have also read of  benign beings who employ warlocks as well. 

Oh look at me, getting lost in my ramblings. Yes, my new friends know magic. As one of Uzoemaar’s clerics, I should ensure that their magic is used for good. Uzoemaar teaches that magic users are public servants, and he wants strict laws to govern them in the use of magic. While I do not advocate lawlessness, I have also seen the use of laws to punish the innocent and reward the wicked. One time, while traveling with a trade caravan led by Bishara, I saw her goods confiscated for inspection and never returned. She swore off Cusob forever in her trade route… not that it matters, she now lies buried in the sand. A story of which can be found in ‘Interesting Stories by Sheru the Tortle’, a book I am writing. As I was saying, I will not try to hold my friends to any strict laws, but I will endeavour to help them use their power for good.

While travelling down the road, it appeared we were being followed. Rainer said something about them most likely trying to capture us as slaves. Despite this, I wanted to talk to them and learn why they were following us. Sadly I was out voted, maybe next time. We headed off into the desert to lose the people following us. Rainier was also able to find tracks for a scorpion, which we followed to their conclusion.

The tracks led us to a dead caravan beetle, being devoured by a giant scorpion.  This scorpion was 10 feet long, its head was easily 5 ft off the ground. The stinger looming ominously behind it. Truly a sight to behold. We had been able to sneak up on this monstrosity. Our plan of attack was to surprise it at range, then go in for the kill. We did this, each of us attacked using a spell, bow, or dagger. To be honest, most of our attacks were nothing to write home about, but then there was Mossy, the power she put behind her bow was truly impressive. We kept up our attacks, Rainer rushed in, he did some impressive damage with that whip of his. Then the scorpion attacked. Rainer was reduced to a sack of poisoned flesh. I could not believe my eyes, this hero of mine, who saved my dear notes. I rushed in as soon as I could, that beast was going to pay. Reaching out I cast ‘inflict wounds’ the necrotic energy pulsed into the beast, almost liquefying it. Asar had come in and checked on Rainer, it was of no use, of course, no one could survive a hit like that. Then a bolt of lightning struck the beast, cast by Altan. The beast writhed in agony, then burst, splattering all over Rainer and Asar. I, of course, began taking notes on the effects of my spell and Altan’s spell, amazing effects. So amazing that I, I do not wish to admit it, temporarily forgot about our dead friend Rainer. Then Asar did the most amazing thing, and brought the deceased corpse to life! Perhaps she really is a cleric of Juanabbi.

I was able to harvest some blood and venom from the scorpion. We also tried to find any evidence of the beatle’s caravan, to no avail. We then set off back to town. On our way back we found the flowers the herbalist wanted, growing on cacti. It appeared to be benign to the cacti. It does not appear that the organism is parasitic in nature, but I am also unsure if it is a symbiotic relationship. The flower would benefit from the protection of the thorns of the cati, but what would the cati benefit from, perhaps I will study this at a later date. After collecting a few of the flowers, I witnessed Asar place over four dozen flowers into that bag of hers, a truly wondrous item. I wonder what else that bag contains.