I walked into Zumaji inn. It seemed slightly busy, with one table full of ruffians, causing some sort of ruckus. I was not paying the closest attention at this time. Asking the innkeep for a beverage to help soothe my sorrows, I was given an ale. Now, I may have lived with the dwarves in the past, they are known to be heavy drinkers, however, I had never really experienced alcohol before. In fact, their drunkenness steered me away from drinking as I saw them behave irrationally and they would speak of unbearable headaches in the morning. However, the most frightening part, at times they would speak of not remembering the night. Till this day, the thought of potentially forgetting something important was too great a risk, that I avoided drinking. If there was a day to forget, today would be the day. My precious notes were gone. 

After some egging on from that table of ruffians, I downed that ale as I had seen the dwarves do. By the gods! I had never experienced such a burning sensation. For a moment, I couldn’t breathe! The taste was also not to my liking. I’m note sure why anyone would drink that stuff voluntarily. Despite my wanting to forget the day, I will be sticking to water for the time being.

Despite the ruffians’ rough appearance, I learned that they are quite nice, and very friendly. Especially Arden, who seems to be able to make fast friends. I joined, drinking my water. My first impressions are as follows

Altan- A tiefling with a fascinating tattoo. When I asked where it came from, he stated he wished he knew. It seems there is a story waiting to be uncovered there. I am so excited. It is known that tieflings helped overthrow the Yuan-ti. I believe his tattoo is related as it is a staff, piercing a snake. The blood flows from the snake’s wounds. 

Arden- A friendly, older human, who has a way of making friends. A wizard, who seems excited to show off his power. He seems to be running this operation.

Asar – A fire genasi. She appears to be more sophisticated than most. She reminds me of some of the children of dwarven nobles. How she ended out here, in the desert, must be an interesting story. I should ask her about it at some time. 

Mossy (Kiejee) – I seem to have trouble pronouncing her name, I’m not sure where I am going wrong, but I’m apparently saying it wrong because she keeps correcting me. However, Mossy is easy enough to say so I will stick with that. She is a Pakigwa, a tiger tabaxi. There were some back home in Mwansibe, the western jungles, but her accent is different, I assume she is from Kitumari, the eastern jungles. The most exciting part, she is a pirate on the ship Sandstorm’s Revenge. I wonder if my sister ever made it to the ship. My sister, brother, and I parted ways four years ago. My sister was dead set on joining Stoneclaw’s crew. I worry about talking to Mossy though. I know I can be a chatterbox, and I don’t know if I will be able to keep my mouth shut talking to a member of Stoneclaw’s crew.  I miss the old tabaxi, I hope he is doing well.

Rainer- A human. Seems to be well traveled. His equipment is rugged but well taken care of. A friend of mine once told me that you could tell the character of a person by how well they maintain their gear.  

After joining this group, I shared some stories with Mossy and Arden while Rainer, Asar, and Altan went ro run some errands. After they got back, they talked about getting some scorpion blood and venom as well as going to a mine of some sort. They talked as if they all knew what was going on, and it seems it was just assumed I was coming with them. I mean I have nothing better to do, so why not?