With Altan, Mossy, and Asar off to the dungeon, I contemplated what I could use my time for. I watched the camp, people running here and there. Honestly, for a man who seems to want to create a large kingdom, you think he could spare some time to decorate the place. What soldier would be inspired by sand and sand colored buildings? I had half the mind to march back up to Kraynik and tell him how utterly uninspiring his compound was. While contemplating this, Rainer and Arden came out of the barracks seeming ready with a plan. That’s when we noticed the fire.

The dungeon! It was up in flames. Mossy, Altan, and Asar are in danger! We rushed toward the dungeon, determined to come to the rescue of our friends! Which, apparently, was not needed, they had started the fire and we were able to spot them as we crossed paths. Not only had they started a fire, they found Tristan! We made it out of the compound, with Doogan (Altan) leading the way, we had no trouble at all.

Going back to the Thinker. We laid low for a few hours while she arranged for us to escape the city. It seems Rainer now has a lifetime of favors to return. I can only imagine the many wonderful tales to tell from working for someone known as the Thinker.

The Thinker was able to arrange for us to be transported out of the city in the guise of a merchant’s merchandise. My friends got the pleasure of riding in a barrel, an experience that I wish I may have one day. I imagine it would be as homey as my shell, and two shells should be twice as homey!

Traveling through the day we made camp. That night, talking with my friends. Altan is an interesting character. He has magic abilities. He thinks he could be a cleric, but he does not know the person who grants him powers. To my understanding, you become a cleric of the deity you worship, he does not seem to worship the being who gives him power. As to my earlier musings on Altan, I can safely rule out Druid and Sorcerer, and that really only leaves a Cleric who does not know his deity and a Warlock who does not know his patron. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ujangwo, the god of trickery, had a cleric who did not know he was a cleric, it seems very much like something Ujangwo would do. That would be the only explanation I could think of that would make Altan a cleric. Most likely Altan is a warlock, and that brings into our lives another factor we might need to consider. If Altan does not know his patron, then we must at least learn his patron’s goals. Now that I have organized my thoughts, I will bring them to Altan and we can discuss and ponder more on his mysterious benefactor. 

After that we learned that Mossy does not feel comfortable sleeping on the ground, so after my watch she curled up on my shell. I didn’t mind, a little extra weight on my shell is hardly anything to notice and at least I could offer some comfort to one of my new friends.

I like this. All of us are so different. Learning about each other. Sharing stories. Laughing. Going on adventures, fighting for our lives. It reminds me of home, in the jungles near Korlumkolu with Miru, Jappa, and Old Silvers. I need to get back there for a moot one of these years. However, I am happy to have stumbled upon this group of misfits.