My friends and I began heading toward the dig site in hopes of finding one Jahlen. Rainer was also on the search for Vatheh. Our travels there were fairly quiet. It was nice after all the excitement in Zumaji. Upon arriving at the dig site, we found it occupied by goblins and an interesting creature. It reminded me of a hyena, but humanoid. I had thought all the races of Selix were known, it appears as if the gods have been up to more creation. I wonder who or what is responsible. Sadly the goblins and hyena men did not appear to be friendly.

After a significant battle with them, we were able to dispatch them. I had a fantastic idea. Rainer seemed to be having trouble with throwing daggers, but he is great with his whip. Maybe he could throw daggers with his whip! Rainer did not seem in the mood to try this idea out, I will have to catch him another time.

At the dig site, we found what might be signs of Tethis and his caravan. They seem to have been captured, and we were determined to rescue them. 

Following their trail, we did catch signs of goblins watching us, but they did not interfere. One night, I attempted to climb the walls of the canyon to investigate goblin sightings… Sadly, I was very clumsy that night. I tripped over Arden, almost squishing the life out of him. I then failed to make any headway up the wall. I should practice my climbing and maybe find a way to see better in the dark, yes, that was the problem, not my clumsy feet.

We eventually found some more ruins where we fought more goblins and hyena men. Then a goblin that turned into a demonic beast attacked us. It was a fierce, and frustrating battle, the darn thing kept running and it was frustrating trying to attack it. We prevailed in the end. There was no sign of Vatheh, the beast claimed to have eaten her. Upon searching the grounds I found a wonderful bow and some ointment. Arden found some interesting spells he thinks he can use. I then, with the help of Shelkosh, completed a Ceremony as a funeral rite for those who were killed by that beast. Afterwards, you could feel a difference in the air, and the beast’s body seemed to have been destroyed by the magic. Good riddance. 

Of significant note, in my search of the grounds, I found the bones of a long dead dragon. I took some samples of its teeth. The mural on the wall depicted Juanabii hunting with a silver dragon. Rainer, after laying the last blow on the beast, received a vision. Something along the lines of the world being doomed unless a noble sacrifice was made. As best I can tell, this was the temple of the last Oracle. A place of great significance, and residual power. 

Tethis, Shelkosh, and Locamish were the only surviving members of their caravan, and while I wished we could have spent more time at the temple studying the dragon bones, and digging up the area, people come first. We were all worn out from the fight, worried for our friends. After the Ceremony, it was time to go. This place goes on the list of places I wish to return to someday. Maybe Arden and I can do a thorough archeological dig here and find more secrets.