Altan stealing Sheru's Journal


    I hope you don’t mind that I poked around and read your journal. You seem to want to share it with the world, so just consider this a preview. I must say, reading your journal entries of the last few days has been entertaining. You have a … different perspective on things than I do, more trusting and hopeful. I imagine your upbringing was quite different from mine. I think this journal could use a little more balance, so allow me to add my viewpoint to your writings.

I won’t rehash the events you already noted, other than to say that I’d be willing to help explore the depths of the Oasis if there’s a chance we’ll find something of great value down there. I could use the money, so count me in.

That said, I do want to challenge your suspicion of Asar’s claim to be a cleric. I have little experience with clerics and the gods in general, just enough to know they’re usually of no use to someone like me, generally indifferent or outright hostile, and almost always hypocritical. Take what happened to me and Rainer in the temple of Uzeumaar: the so-called “God of Knowledge” and his priests seem to have no issue making blanket judgements of my kind and refusing to help a sick man simply because it was me that asked. Asar at least seems to be doing good with the powers her goddess grants her, namely saving my skin. I know that sounds selfish, but it’s still a valid example.

So … we were ambushed by slavers while making camp for the night with the caravan. I have to say the experience of being pierced by a crossbow bolt through my chest isn’t one I’d like to repeat anytime soon. Asar’s healing powers are impressive though, and I was relieved to see the bolt didn’t kill me. That was a tough fight we had, and as much as Arden, Asar and others may question what they did, a few less bandits or slavers in this world is never a bad thing. We shouldn’t second guess ourselves over something like that, especially when they came into our camp and attacked us without provocation.

Well, I won’t waste anymore time writing about that matter. I’m not nearly as well-spoken as you appear to be. Let’s see if we can find this Tristan at the Zumaji mine. 

Sheru, you appear to be a decent balance to this strange group we’re part of. It may be difficult for us to keep a low profile when we have so many strange-looking people traveling together, but try not to draw too much attention to ourselves at the mine. We don’t know what we’ll be getting into yet.

Your “fast friend”,