Our last day at the oasis, at least for a time. I will be back to explore the depths. Over the night I felt bad by not letting the innkeep know the fire would not be warm. So I commissioned a plaque with some vague saying of the light guiding your path. The innkeep took it well and I repaid half of what he gave me. I then watched master Tondoth finish the creation of this beautiful dagger. He is a very skilled craftsman, and the dagger is beautiful. After talking with Mossy, we decided Asar needs some close up protection, just in case. 

I gave the dagger to Asar and Mossy promised to teach her how to wield the dagger expertly.

My friends and I were ready to set off to Nalyia. We would cut through the desert and shave a decent amount of time off of our trip. The desert gave way to grassland and smoke began filling the air. We will need to be on the lookout for any wildfires. 

As we prepared to make camp one night, we noticed a campfire on the horizon. Mossy and Altan decided to check it out. It turned out to be a gnome in search of magical ingredients. When we learned of this gnome, we decided we would help him, only if it coincided with our journey to Nalia. We do not want to be late saving somebody again. 

In the morning we headed off to meet this gnome. When we arrived at his camp, his belongings were there, but he was not. I began casting detect magic to see if he had anything interesting, and when Rainer found him, I continued to do so. I did not notice anything in particular, but I did notice that Arden has been keeping some magic items secret. I will ask him about that later. Not a bad couple of days, a little tame if you ask me, which was actually very nice, but I think I’m ready for some excitement!